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Beisteel Pipe (Yingkou) Co., Ltd is specializing in physical and chemical property of steel and iron material, metal work, and coating material . There are 485 m2 of laboratory area and more than 1200 m2 of test site area in  Inspection and Test Center. The total amount of inspection equipment, which possesses Shimadzu spectrograph, oxygen and nitrogen analyzer, metalloscope micro-controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine, 50000J drop hammer impact test machine and so on, is more than 70 sets.

Quality Inspection and Test Center has 16 persons, including 5 persons of manager,  11 persons of physical and chemical inspection persons (2 persons of metallographic of grade II and 11 persons of chemical analysis and mechanical property of grade II). Inspectors of Quality Inspection and Test Center are junior college or above. Our inspection and testing center has been granted the laboratory accreditation certificate (CNAS) by China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment.









Cracking Resistance Tester

The composition:
Main Machine: NYK-06 Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance Tester
Auxiliary equipment: XCL-1 sheet punching machine, indentation tool post, bending tools, transfer tools and bending retainer
The environmental stress cracking resistance test is a kind of degradation phenomenon happened to the plastic resin when it is subjected to chemical reagent in the presence of stress. And finally this will cause damage of the plastic components. This is a kind of solvent induced damage; and is the cracking ability of the material under synergistic effect of resistance to chemical reagent and mechanical stress.






Impact Tester

The composition:
Main Machine: QJL Impact Tester
Auxiliary equipment: vertical guide tube of the impact hammer, impact hammer, electric spark leak detector and magnetic thickness detector
The impact test for coating is to shock the steel pipe coating with the impact hammer; inspect any damage with the electric spark leak detector, and then to evaluate the impact resistance capacity of the coating.





Indentation Hardness Tester

The composition:
Main Machine: XWK-70 Indentation Hardness Tester
Auxiliary equipment: XCL-1 sheet punching machine
The indentation hardness test is to press the indenter into the material surface with the specific static test force, and evaluate the hardness with the indentation depth or surface area.





Oxygen And Nitrogen Analyzer

The composition:
Main Machine: the main machine case, auxiliary machine case and main power supply of the oxygen and nitrogen analyzer
Auxiliary equipment: the computer and its analysis system
It is necessary to analyze the content of nitrogen for steel pipes that used in the ocean or sour conditions. The direct-reading spectrometer cannot detect any nitrogen, and the nitrogen in the mental steel can be figured out with hot melt thermal conductivity method by the oxygen and nitrogen analyzer. 





The composition:
Main Machine: Metalloscope
Auxiliary equipment: laboratory bench, computer and its image analysis system, printer, cutting machine, pre-grinding machine, polishing machine and pointing machine
The metallographic test is the observation for structure of the metal material; the microstructure and structure determine the macro-mechanical properties. For SAWH, it mainly used for test the whole welding line of steel pipe sample including observation for base metal, heat affection zone, welding line and structure of the fusion line.
Meanwhile, the grain size of base metal can be calculated to analyze distribution of foreign substance in the metal steel. Therefore, the quantitative metallographic test is helpful to analyze and guide the practice work. 




Drop Weight Tearing Test Machine

The composition:
Main Machine: main machine of drop hammer, the hammer, balance weight, lifting machine, shock mitigation system, safety device and the feeder
Auxiliary equipment: energy testing system, constant temperature control system and gap suppressor
The drop weight tearing test (DWTT) is used for dynamic loading fracture of the entire thickness steel plate under lower temperature. After the fracture, the shear area can be calculated; the value of shear area must be equal to or greater than 85%; and the grade of steel for the test should be greater than L415.
The size of sample, stress concentration and load conditions are all consistent with actual situation; the consequence has a certain engineering application value and is used for evaluation of the material and technology too.