Total Quality Management

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Our company carries out overall quality management covering all the staff, total key elements and whole process. Quality is the life of enterprise. It is the common belief of Beisteel people to establish a great enterprise. In support of this belief, all things about Beisteel, including persons, matters and details must be concerned which we should make every effort to do our best. And Beisteel people unyieldingly strive towards this belief even if there are so many difficulties.

Management for All the Staff
Quality management covers everyone. Quality management level depends on quality management system and personnel’s quality awareness, and which is the key. We should spare no effort to strengthen quality awareness of all the staff; and make it becoming a belief setup and insisted by workers of all positions, such as gatekeeper, engineer and so on. In everyone’s heart, there shall build a QC group, structure the PDCA quality enhancement routine and form the endogenous power for quality improvement in order to promote the company’s overall quality management.

Management for Total Key Elements 

Quality management covers everything. Organization operation is the system engineering. For an industrial enterprise in large scale and with numerous business units, such as Beisteel, the quality level of organization operation is not only production process and products control that related to customer, events and processes associated with it must be considered as a whole. We implement standardized management. The goal is not only to domestic and international standard of products, but also in the formation of a standardized system across the enterprise. And Beisteel has achieved that everything has standard.

Management for the Whole Process
Quality management covers every detail. We will detail the working procedures; build customer relationships between processes; enhance group working spirit and control the whole process of each job. We electronize the control process by means of informatization; establish a strong quality management system; promote the quality work to transform from quality inspection to quality control, and then from quality control to quality management. Everyone should control the quality and make the quality as our thinking habit. Both a ruderal in the lawn and a piece of oil on the pipe should be handled.