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2010 The Sixth China International Pipeline Exhibition, Beisteel attracted great [2014.04.03]

Chinese pipeline industry's largest and highest degree of internationalization, the industry's most authoritative brand exhibition - China International Pipeline Exhibition, in support of the oil company under the China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, China Petroleum Pipeline project manager, China oil pipeline Under the company, China West-East Gas Pipeline Company of PetroChina Company Limited, China Petroleum West Pipeline Co., Ltd. jointly organized, has been successfully held for five.
The Sixth China International Pipeline Exhibition will be held in China Pipeline City March 31, 2010 - April 2, 2009 - Langfang continue to organize, International Pipeline Exhibition of "market-based, project-core" business philosophy, with the active participation of the community and the relevant units of great concern, after seven years of nurturing and development, has become the best platform for the pipeline industry professionals access to information, communication technology and market development, will provide a bridge between the supply and demand sides Functional play the most.
In expanding domestic demand infrastructure investment policy guidance, Chinese oil and gas pipeline construction will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid development, will start construction within the next two years, West-three lines, three lines Shaanxi-Beijing, China-Myanmar pipeline project, the project repository , and over the next 12 years, China will build the country about 150,000 kilometers of oil and gas pipelines, etc., making China National Petroleum and Pipeline facing new development opportunities. Only the "Twelve Five" period, China will build oil and gas pipelines nearly 40,000 kilometers. These projects related to the development of the pipeline industry has played a huge role in promoting more pipeline related businesses to provide unprecedented opportunities for development.
2010 China International Pipeline Exhibition will rely on national policies, market trends, many elite gathering pipeline industry enterprises, well-known experts, professionals, explore more broader market and projects.
Sincere and cordial invitation to all relevant units, to participate in the pipeline industry event to showcase the strength of enterprises, promote the corporate image, and many businesses and individuals for the pipeline industry career development pipeline together with the progress, create brilliant!


Exhibition Overview

A. Organizers:
China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau
China oil pipeline construction project manager
China National Petroleum Corporation Pipeline Company
China West-East Gas Pipeline Company of PetroChina Company Limited
China Petroleum West Pipeline Co., Ltd.
China Petroleum Engineering Construction Association

B. Supported by:
ITA (International Tube Association)
ICA (International Copper Association)
PPSA (British Pigging Products Association)
China Composites Industry Association
China General Machinery Industry Association Branch compressor
Shanxi coalbed methane industry associations

C. Exhibition schedule
Preparation time: March 28, 2010 -30 days
Show Time: March 31, 2010 - April 2, 2009

D. Pavilion range
1. Sheet, pipe and pipe equipment exhibition
2. Pipeline construction equipment and machinery exhibition
3. Pipeline Transportation Technology and Equipment Exhibition
4. Chengshiguanwang technology and equipment exhibition
5. Pipeline integrated operations management exhibition
6. Pipeline construction unit display area

E. Exhibits
1. Steel, steel products and steel storage tanks, pipes
2. Pipe unit, pipe equipment and auxiliary machinery, equipment
3. Glass pipes, rubber pipes, copper pipes and PE \ PVC \ CPVE pipes, etc.
4. Pipeline construction equipment and large machinery, hoisting rigging, equipment, etc.
5. Pipeline inspection, leak detection, cleaning equipment and materials
6. Pipe welding equipment and welding materials
7. Pipeline communications equipment and information systems management
8. Compressors, pipes, pumps, valves, measurement instruments, and other station equipment
9. Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Technology and automation systems and devices
10. Pipeline corrosion, insulation, fireproofing materials and the latest technology, products
11. Ocean pipeline stations and equipment and other receiving device
12. LNG receiving station equipment, transportation equipment and materials
13. Labor insurance products, equipment and materials
14. Gas meters, appliances and related equipment
15. Underground stations measuring equipment, pressure control equipment, filters, gas pretreatment equipment, skid-mounted distribution stations, gas distribution stations, air mixing system
16. Gas safety class equipment: Gas monitoring equipment, gas leak detection equipment, thermal relief valve, air-precision analyzers, alarm control, safety shut-off equipment, etc.
17. Gas pipeline installation, steam boiler, gas meter box, corrosion of equipment, transportation equipment and other canned