Marketing Management

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Marketing by All the Staff

The company performs policy of marking by all the staff to build comprehensive client relationship and improve the client consciousness of employees; straightens out the client relationships between company and relative parties, company and employees, departments, procedures, employees to build the marketing by all the staff system that marketing can be done by everyone at everywhere, and improve the satisfaction of the client continuously.


Integrated Marketing

 We conduct client-oriented marketing management; convert the marketing thoughts from taking product, price, and channel, sales promotion as the marketing core to taking demand, cost, convenient, service as the core, and perform marketing from brand-sale to service-sale, then to standard-sale to build brand strength.


Multiple Marketing

We consolidate the traditional marketing channels, broaden sales channels and increase marketing forms such as exhibition-marketing, e-commerce, futures etc. And we also implement business diversification, differentiation market positioning, and build a divisional structure management system.


Professional Marketing

We integrate the organization functions, promote the construction of marketing center, cultivate specialized marketing team, employ professional team which consists of sales commissioner, futures commissioner, translator and e-commerce commissioner of domestic and international, build professional stage, registered professional website and e-commerce company, hold professional exhibition, and publish product manuals and other related marketing carrier.