Production Lines and Equipments

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Rod and Wire Production Lines
Total yearly yield of rod and wire product lines is 1,500,000 metric tons in which 600,000 metric tons from rods and 900,000 metric tons from wires.
The specification of rod and wire:
General hot-rolled steel bars HRB400E   Φ6.5~Φ32  Products Standard GB1499.2-2007
General hot-rolled steel bars HRB500E   Φ6.5~Φ32  Products Standard GB1499.2-2007
Fine grain hot-rolled steel HRBF400E     Φ6.5~Φ32  Products Standard GB1499.2-2007
Fine grain hot-rolled steel HRBF500E      Φ6.5~Φ32  Products Standard GB1499.2-2007
Hot-rolled plain round steel bar HPB300 Φ6.5~Φ20  Products Standard GB1499.1-2008

According to the latest production technology at home and abroad, it’s adopted DC drive alone system or AC variable-frequency electric drive system, applied micro tension and tension-free controlling, which is coordinated with reasonable hole pattern design to improve the speed of rolling mill, product precision, and surface quality.