Production Lines and Equipments

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3PE, PP Internal and External Coating Production Lines

The group totally possesses six internal and external coating production lines, with annual yield of 10,000,000 m2.


The coating production specifications: diameter is from Φ89 to Φ3000 and the length is from 8m to 18m. The internal and external coating can be manufactured continuously. It applies to internal and external coating production of 3PE, 3PP, 2PE, signal-layer epoxy and double-layer epoxy liquid internal coating.


Concerning the above mentioned six state-of-the-art buried steel pipe coating production lines, the main equipments and components are all purchased from well-known manufactures at home and abroad. It covers internal and external coating steel pipes with max diameter of φ3600mm, max length of 18m. The products mainly include 3PE/3PP coating, signal-layer/double-layer epoxy powder internal and external coating, inner resistance-reducing coatings, internal and external anti-corrosion with liquid coatings etc, which and are mainly used for long-distance fluid transportation under high or medium pressure, such as petroleum and natural gas, water supply, sewage drainage, heat network reconstruction and so on; as well as used for piling, bridges and structural steel.


The equipments and technology of coating production lines are in the domestic advanced level. The company has obtained two national invention patents and two utility model patents in the coating domain.