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SAWH Steel Pipe Production Line

The company has four SAWH steel pipe production lines which the processing diameters are φ4000mm, two sets of φ1620 mm, φ920 mm and φ820 mm, and the total annual output is 250,000 metric tons. The steel pipe’s diameter is from φ219 mm to φ4000 mm, wall thickness is from 6.4mm to 25.4mm, length is from 8 to 25.4m and the maximum steel grade is X100.The production is conformity with GB/T9711, API SPEC 5L and the domestic and international high quality standard requirement.

The company is equipped with four steel pipe flat head chamfering machine units including one φ3048, two φ1620, one φ920 and one φ820 machine unit.

The company is equipped with three sets of pipe-end expanding machine units which the diameter scopes are φ508φ824, φ860φ1276 and φ610φ1626. 

The company has five sets of hydrostatic testing machines of 600 metric tons,1000 metric tons, 2000 metric tons, 2500 metric tons and 3500 metric tons, which can carry out hydrostatic test for steel pipe in diameter scopes of φ219~φ820 mm,φ219~φ920 mm,φ508~φ1620 mm,φ406~φ1626 mm,φ508~φ3048 mm.

The company occupies five sets of X-ray real-time imaging detection systems which the diameter scopes are φ508φ4000, φ406φ1626, φ325φ1620,φ219φ1420,φ219φ920.

The company owns five sets of ultrasonic continuous detection systems that the diameter scope of steel pipe are φ219~φ820 mm, φ219~φ920 mm, φ406~φ1626 mm, φ508~φ1620 mm, φ1210~φ4040 mm.