Performance Management

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Performance Assessment Principles
The performance principles
We establish post coefficient and wage differentials according to job responsibilities and technical proficiencies. The performance bonus is calculated as per the post coefficient; the skill wages is fixed according to working years and actual job performance. And income gap between different posts and persons with different skills is properly made.

Equity Principle
Referring to the previous salary level of general employees whose post coefficient is ‘1’, counting daily working meters, bonus for each meter according to the demanded working speed for products of different specifications, then the bonus per ton can be calculated based on weight and lengths per meter. Cashing the performance bonus in line with standard labor time, then it can be realized that the labor cost can match income.

Quality Principle
The company improves ratio of quality performance bonus in which the quality occupies 50%, output occupies 45% and material consumption occupies 5% of it. Staff’s performance bonus of quality inspection system will be paid as per the average level of entire workshop staff which is not linked to production team directly.

High Standard Principal
According to the company’s development strategy, market positioning and equipped level, the quality, output and material consumption in performance assessment are all formulated as per the higher industry standard that to ensure the win-win development between staff and the company.

Performance of All Employees
Started from steel pipe production workshop of the production system, the completed performance system will be established steadily and cover anticorrosion, rod & wire , JCOE and mechanical process workshops; then the performance assessment will be implemented from production system to administration system and finally all employees.