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Build a Learning-Type Organization
Learning is regarded as the intrinsic motivation of enterprise’s development. By learning, the enterprise’s management is promoted into a virtuous circle of discovery, error correction and growth. The company advocates lifelong learning, building a learning-type organization from all sides, establishing study as the core competitiveness of enterprise and promote sustainable development of the company.

Pre-Job Training
We regulate procedures of pre-job training to ensure sufficient training term, content of it and the employees will be competent through the training.

Daily Training
We attach importance to daily training for staff, adopting various training patterns such as new employees are guided by old ones, post exchanges, typical cases and so on. The staff’s good learning habit will be set and the environment of working while learning will be formed.

Intensive Training
According to annual training plan, we will implement intensive personnel training in rotation, and hire enterprise internal and external related persons who give lessons to staff and prepare appropriate examinations to check the training effect.

Dispatching Training
The company will dispatch some related persons to accept external training as per job demand.

Self-Sponsored Training
The self-sponsored training is advocated, formulating job skills and incentive regulations for post promotion to give development in direction of specialization for talents.

Practice on Multi-Position
The company practices AB working system and appropriately arrange position-exchanging for employees that the employee of post A can master skills of post B and vice versa. Therefore we cultivate interdisciplinary talents who master many skills while specializing in one and one employee is ensured to grasp at least more than two kinds of skills. The management personnel in Administration Dept. are encouraged to practice communications with the Enterprise Management Dept. for improving the thinking ability from the system view. The managers of Production Dept. are advocated to go to Production & Technology Department for exchanging and practices, and then improve systematicness of management.