Human Resource Plan

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Personnel Training & Development Plan
We establish a comprehensive talent training system, perfect different training rules and adopt flexible and diversity training pattern for different individuals that to realize a complete coverage of personal training. We will reinforce intellective management, establish a knowledge data base of the company, launch Beisteel Institute, sponsor the magazine of ‘The Centennial Beisteel’ and found a sharing platform of knowledge.

The Salary Incentive Plan of Employees
The company set up a scientific salary system, adopting broad band salary mode, and implementing the combined-type salary including post salary, skill-based pay, seniority pay and performance pay and so on, which can enhance the instruction and incentive function of salary, stimulate intrinsic motivation for individual development of employees and provide even more development space for them.

Staff Occupation Career Plan
We develop and carry out the staff occupation career plan, combining the employee’s personnel development with the enterprise development, make the career development schedule and route tailored for employees whose growth path can be optimized and overall development can be accelerated according to the training mode for different kinds of talents.