Talents Concept

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Be Competent with both Ability and Political Integrity; Morality First
Besides their professional quality and ability to work meet the requirements, the talents who are fair and honest, loyal and dedicated with good characters, strong team work spirit and professional quality will be employed in priority. We are not only focusing on development of individual’s talent, but pay more attention to the positive energy that an outstanding talent played in team.

Promotion for Higher Ability; Virtue First
We implement professional management, set up a specialized work team, and improve public trust of employment.
Personnel appointment should not only be recognized by the company but also satisfied by employees. We provide proper position to those competent persons; let the talent stand out from crowd to create a good platform for talent development.

Rewards by Works

We retain people with excellent treatment, and provide fair and reasonable promotion opportunity for individual’s career development; not only supply material incentives for outstanding talents, but properly appoint them the key position. We afford even more job opportunities and greater development space for everyone to form a talent development mechanism that the most competent person survival.

The Basic Customer is Staff
We set up service consciousness for employees; regard individual’s all-round development as the important object of the enterprise’s management; respect and take care of personal will and their concerns; guide them to improve. We also treat long-term personnel as fortune of the company; call for regarding the company as their home and are willing to serve here until retirement.

Propel Professionalism of Talents
The company formulates incentive policies for talents professionalism and instructs employees to improve themselves in the direction of specialization based on their present post; carry out promotion management system that the professional and technical titles are corresponds to position and professional qualifications which will covers from production & technology posts to other management and service posts, and then improve the specialization accomplishment of staff.