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During our company’s development in past over ten years, we followed the path of expansion, connotation and then expanded production. We regarded steel pipe industry as the base point; the products include HFW, SAWH, and SAWL and so on. Besides all specification of above mentioned products. The OD of SAWH can reach φ4000mm that the maximum size in China. The grade of HFW pipe can be X60, SAWH, SAWL can be X80.Takeing the advantage of Ansteel raw material sites and Bayuquan Port of Yingkou, we try to become the leading enterprise in welded pipe industry, and monopolize that market in a certain degree. Then we may change the Chinese steel pipe market status that “small and disperse”.

On the basis of scale benefit,we adhere to intensive economic growth pattern. Relying on the improvement of essential productive factors quality and service efficiency, optimization of the essential productive factors, improve the quality of laborers and increase the utilization ratio of capital, equipments, raw material to realize the economic growth mode by technical progress.

In recent ten years, the significant development is obtained in welded pipe technologies; and the welded pipe output and quality are improved greatly.

According to the analysis and prediction of pipe line industry experts, the supplies of low-end welded pipe are relative surplus. The potential market for high-end welded pipe is very large, and there is big development space that high-end welded pipe access to international markets. High-quality strategy of welded pipe has given a development direction for the welded pipe and its equipment industry of our country.

In the field of spiral and straight seam submerged arc welding pipe, low stress forming and residual stress control, pipe end expanding and NDT, the application of high toughness welding stick and flux are the key links that ensure the quality continuous development of spiral and straight seam submerged arc welding pipe.

Promote development ofthe process equipment for spiral welded pipe pre-finishing welding
In recent years, the demand of high quality spiral welded pipe has pushed rapid development of the establishment of pre-finishing welding machine units.
We will improve the equipment level of pre-finishing welding machine units of spiral welded pipe, pay more attention to pre-welding process quality, improve finishing welding level, and push the spiral welded pipe industry development with advantage of welded pipe equipment technology.
Assemble the JCOE production line as per standard of high performance, high grade, large wall thickness and dimensional precision 
SAWL pipe is one of most important type of petroleum and natural gas pipelines, especially the development of crossing pipe, sea bed pipe, large wall thickness pipe, large strain pipe, X90X120 super strength steel pipe are mainly adopt SAWL process. JCOE is fitted for the production of small diameter and large wall thickness sea bed pipes and large wall thickness mother bend pipes. We assemble JCOE welded pipe production line as per above standard to reach high-performance, high grade, large wall thickness and high dimensional precision development requirement.
The company’s production lines will have information and automation renovation, improve quality assurance ability, develop new product, e.g. offshore oil pipe, heavy type thick-walled structure steel pipe etc. and develop new markets.