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The rise of world-class companies is all based on an unparalleled ability to innovate unmatched in the world. These companies can produce and provide a large number of brand new products and services which cannot be replaced by other companies, emerge many world-leading technologies and scientific innovations, and lead other companies by advanced thinking and ideas.

The level which enterprises can achieve depends on the target degree and whether its period is long or not, especially the establishment of the company's strategic objectives.

Application Field Expansion of Weld Pipes Products.
Currently welded pipe product in the world is facing the following areas to expand:
(1)Development of pipelines for deep-sea oil and gas transportation
(2)Development of Large deformation and super-high-strength Pipeline
(3)Development of pipeline in sour service 
(4)Quality improvement of the weld pipes relies on three technical progresses. First is steel smelting technology, the second is improvement of the technology of hot rolled strip, and the third is improvement of steel pipe manufacturing technology.

Around the above issues, we rely on authoritative industry organizations for horizontal integration. CNPC Xi'an Institute of Pipes is planning to establish Technology R & D experimental base in the northeast of China, which the site is selected in our company.
Our R&D testing organization will serve as a strategic partner with CNPC Xi'an Institute of Pipes, we rely on pipeline R & D capabilities of Ansteel Yingkou Branch, in order to develop high grade X100/X120 of pipeline steel. Our company's research and development testing institution will be served as the strategic partner of CNPC Xi'an Institute of Pipes.

Promote management of welding pipe enterprise
The advanced enterprises of the current weld pipe industry improve means and level of management for product quality to meet the increasing quality requirement of steel pipe in pipeline construction, the keys are as below:
(1)Process control is the highest technology priority to the development.
(2)The aim is to avoid mistake; do right since the first time. 
(3)No Welding defects.
(4)Meet strict requirements of size.
(5)Continually improve the technical knowledge of core employees.
Our enterprise will always persist in focusing on main process parameters such as forming; welding and finishing equipment that directly affect the quality of steel pipe; and lay a solid foundation. Currently, thematic software for process management has been developed to manage the entire production system of welded pipe to ensure production management is efficient and accurate. 
To integrate the lean management concepts into the enterprise management, production systems constantly recycling processes, through the construction of ERP, MES system, and strive to achieve a leap from basic automation to informative technology of the full range; improve the enterprise informationization to the advanced pipe factory level of Europe and Japan, enhance the reliability of users to our products to win in the fierce competition, so that our company would develop to strong.