Equipment Management

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The efficiency of advanced process and equipment shall be fully played, relying on the relevant staff diathesis and skills and the matching enterprise management methods and levels.
The goal and idea of production system are operational direction of the enterprise. The ‘Six –Zero’ goal which modern enterprise pursuing are zero malfunction, zero defection, zero storage, zero accident, zero fault, zero waste. It is also the goal set for our newly-rising enterprises development.
The defect must be forbid, not only in theory, but also in practice. We must reach ‘zero defect’ goal if we want to become a world-class enterprise.
In the production of each steel pipe, it will produce about 2,000 process data. The produce site is a complex environment, the fault may occur during any status which many cause flow, customers’ dissatisfaction, and waste of source.
We cannot eliminate error absolutely, but we must discover and correct error in time, and prevent the error forming defect.

Equipment Point Inspection Management 
Modern equipment is more complex and the system is stronger, therefore more advanced equipment maintenance management is necessary.

The goal of equipment point examination system is the overall equipment effectiveness and fully effective equipment productivity, preventive maintenance system is the carrier, and staff behavioral norm is the process. And the production equipment maintenance and repair system is based on participation of all personnel.

According to actual status of the enterprise, the equipment point examination is as below:

   1. Three-level point inspection: That is point inspection system for equipment which has three different levels and contents examined by Production Technology Dept., workshop, and production team.

     2. Post point inspection: in equipment’s operation or before and after it, the operator checks the equipment surface by individual five senses or with the help of simple tools, and sweep, fasten, adjust and feed oil for the equipment.

      3. Professional point inspection: In order to judge internal status of the equipment, the important parts shall be checked by the person through human five senses or with the aid of simple tools and instruments to detailedly check equipment appearance and internal in static (dynamic) status to grasp equipment degradation. There are two point inspection methods: disintegration point inspection and non-disintegration point inspection.

     4. Precision point inspection: That is an integrative test for the equipment by using precise instrument/gauge, or in the case of without disassembled, through measured data analysis and comparison to quantitatively determine the technology status and degradation trend degree of the equipment.

     Through implementation of equipment point inspection system, all operating systems and equipments of the company can be ensured in a good technical status.

Progress management
Both high-frequency welded pipe technology and submerged arc welding pipe technology are special industry technologies. Besides general technology, different enterprise has their unique experience, skill and corresponding theoretical discussion so the quality, standard degree, product cost and economic parameter are different as well.
Over the past dozen years, there is significant and great development of welded pipe technology at home and abroad, and the welded pipe production capacity and quality are both improved substantially.

Based on solidly integration of existing industry technologies, combining our equipment characteristics, the company constantly explores the progress equipment parameters which match with the quality of welded pipe, and seeks the best scope of data for guiding production.

1.Strictly enforce the progress discipline: Regardless the production capacity and the standard we followed, the work instruction must be sent to production and quality inspection post and all the important process parameters are necessary.
2.Strictly monitor, discover the process deviation rapidly: Through information link between all production equipments and site inspection, to quickly discover the process discipline and correct it in time, and set early warning to operator of the subsequent process on the production line.

3.Persist in daily routine inspection and weekly regular general inspection system.