Lean Production

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Standardized Operation

We strengthen the construction of team and group standardization; overall consider the environmental protection, ergonomics, efficiency and other factors; planning the standardized production process and operation norm. The different operators shall follow the same operation pattern to minimize the accident and confusion caused by personnel change, and the quality of work can be improved correspondently.


Collaboration Production

We arrange the production activities between posts, working procedures, departments; establish fast dynamic response mechanism between production factors, enhance the integrality of production management.


Production Automation

We push automation development of the production lines; strengthen the progress management in core and important fields; comprehensively consider all the elements involved in process data, and promote production digitization and automation according to the process operational model of the equipment actual structure.



We reasonably arrange staff to reduce waste, improve the utilization ratio, lower loss of collaboration; optimize flow, ascertain rational working meter, reduce the waste of time; enhance the management of raw material and reduce consumables waste; reinforce equipments management, avoid accident to reduce equipment waste.