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Internal & External Coating

The company built 6 internal & external coating production lines for steel pipe, the annual output of external coating is 10,000,000 m2, and the length of single external coating is 18 m. Anti-corrosion coating process for steel pipe of different kinds can also be done.

>> External Coating for Steel Pipe


                      >PU Coating Pipe                                                                                        > 3PP(PE)Coating Pipe

                  >FBE Coating Pipe                                                                                   >Coal Tar Epoxy Coating Pipe


>> Internal Coating for Steel Pipe


           >Resistance-reducing Coating Pipe                     >Epoxy Paint Coating Pipe (For Potable Water)



                     >FBE Coating Pipe                                                                  >FBE Coating Pipe (National Patent)

>> Thermal Insulation Pipe

Type, Specification and Executive Standard of the Coating