Summary of Management

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Law Governed Beisteel
We shall promote the legalization process of Beisteel, comprehensively build the enterprise’s management system with integrated management as the key point, organize the strategy, organization, process, and the internal relations of human resources, improve the management procedures and institutional system so that the whole coverage of system can be reached to the degree that the system manages persons, matters are solved as per regulations.

Humanities of Beisteel
We persist in people-oriented concept, lay more emphasis on humanistic philosophy of shaping, training and relying on people. And we consider the all-round development of staff as our strategic target to accelerate mutual development of employees and enterprise.

Continuously training and refining core culture of the company; the company’s value is set as the conduct guidance for all staff; build the perfect corporate culture system to achieve harmony on spiritual level, behavior level and appearance of the image. We will cultivate culture atmosphere of loyal dedication and strenuous enterprising; and make everyone become hard-working and progressive persons enjoying happiness and enrichment.

Innovative Beisteel
The company never stops to explore the inherent law in management and knowledge, cultivate spirit of exploration with the goal of ‘know why is it’; and systematize more humanistic and social science knowledge; constantly bring into new elements based on construction of enterprise’s learning capacity and standardized management to promote innovation and development of the enterprise.